More than 50  years after the Minisprint hit the road, and after many different people and companies have produced their own take on the Minisprint;

The “Original Trickett Minisprint” is available once again!

Neville’s idea is to recreate this iconic Mini variant at a price & in a manner that will appeal to the average person.  For long enough the Sprint has been the preserve of the super rich enthusiast who keeps it tucked away at the back of his garage along with his other fine racing cars.

Neville’s new approach is to convert a shell to your specification attending to all the tricky cutting & welding leaving the owner or a bodywork specialist to prepare the shell for painting and complete the installation of all other components.

This uniquely flexible approach allows for the production of a number of variants.

The Minisprint Classic

A traditional BMC Mini cut, chopped & de-seamed but leaving  the original rain gutter in place.  This enables  the finished car to remain comparatively standard looking and accommodates the standard two tone colour schemes of the Mini Cooper easily.  This version does require the fitting of a non standard cut down screen.

The Minisprint R

The Sprint R is the current incarnation of the Minisprint  with super sleek lines more akin to the original Minisprint Racer.  Featuring a canted back standard size windscreen the Minisprint R  is the most aerodynamic Sprint available.  The Minisprint R would make a superb basis for a historic type GT racer or would make a really head turning road car that no one could fail to notice.

Minisprint Custom.
As each Minisprint is made to order after extensive discussion with the customer.  Most custom ideas can be accommodated.  While Neville cannot guarantee that anything is possible he will attempt to accommodate your ideas within your Sprint, making your Original Trickett Sprint absolutely unique.

What is required?
To prepare your personal Minisprint Neville will require a decent, solid Mini shell complete with Boot, Bonnet, Doors, Petrol Tank, Front Subframe and all associated fixings, mounting etc.  To be delivered to his residence in Normandy (northern France).  The shell can be an original MK1 or 2 like the original Sprints or it can be a MK3 on internal door hinge shell, Neville has even converted  brand new Heritage shells for customers.  The work required to turn your solid, square shell into a Minisprint usually takes around 6 - 8 weeks, whereupon it can be collected.

How good does the shell need to be?
Converting a normal Mini shell to full Sprint specification is a very lengthy process.  To ensure this work is carried out as easily & economically as possible it is ESSENTIAL that any shell sent for modification is in very good to excellent condition, Neville is not able to undertake shell restoration as part of the Sprinting process.  If you have any questions regarding this please ask for further information.

A shell that is not suitable for sprinting could be turned away.

How Much Does it Cost?
The current price for an Original Trickett Minisprint starts from only  2,750 Euro.

There are now 2 options:

Option 1:
Receive a fully cut & welded Minisprint shell. This option has all structural welding completed. These shells are structurally sound & ready for finishing by you or a body shop of your choice.
Current Price - €4,250

Option 2:
Receive a fully cut & TACKED Minisprint Shell.  All the “authenticity” of an original Tickett Minisprint at a fraction of the cost.   Your shell will be individually cut & modified by Neville, all cuts will be tack welded leaving the majority of the “Donkey Work” seam welding to be completed by you or your selected body shop.  All “tricky areas” will be fully welded making the job easy for any competent welder to complete.  This is Neville’s preferred option.
Current Price - €2,950

Find out More.
If you would like more details on the current range of “Original Neville Trickett” Minisprints including availability, turn round time, and any special requirements, please contact Neville Trickett to discuss your requirements.  You can use the Contact page on this site.  You will be contacted by Neville himself who will discuss all your requirements and give any further details that you may require.
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